TS Update-(Situational Awareness-Best Tool for Expats)

Greetings Expats,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the past few days of beautiful weather and calmness.  Times like these remind us about the beauty and vast potential that exists in this colorful Mediterranean country.

Expats often ask me questions such as:  “David is this place safe…what do you think of that town…I’m planing a trip to this part of  Tunis etc.”  Although we are able to provide a risk assessment for every region in Tunisia, the best thing any Expat can do is to adopt a Security Mindset.

Basically it comes down to one thing:  a·ware·ness…

Recently, I had the privilege of conducting a Situational Awareness/Self Defense training workshop with a group of Expats.  Assisted by a certified Self Defense instructor, we empowered many Expats with practical and effective situational awareness techniques.  Situational Awareness training enables people to turn nervous energy into proactive action.  After completing the training many Expats realized that nothing happens out of thin air and by adopting a few practical & effective security techniques their perception of security was greatly improved.

The situation in Tunisia has entered a new stage…currently things are quite, but analysts foresee many challenges ahead.

Challenges Ahead

From my conversations with friends in the cafés to my research of open source information, one thing is clear:  There is a lot behind the scenes activities taking place and things could easily go from stable to something similar as what’s taking place in Egypt.

(3) Recent articles make this point clear:  

Tunisians fear jihadist wave

Source:  Magharebia-November 23rd, 2012:

From the street to the highest levels of government, Tunisians say that the growing influence of jihadists puts the country’s democratic transition in jeopardy

Tunisia PM seeks Western funds “before it’s too late”

Source:  Reuters-November 20th, 2012:  

“My message to the West … is that the most important investment for you is the investment in democracy, before it’s too late … This is not a gift but a common interest.”

Tunisia:  Radical Islamist Movements Threaten Afro-Med Stability

Source:  allAfrica.com-November 9, 2012

Islamist extremist movements endanger the security and stability of the entire Mediterranean basin, Tunisian Defence Minister Abdelkarim Zbidi warned this week.

Once again thank you for all the good feedback. Let’s continue working together.  

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