TS Update-(Friday…Security Increase)

Greetings Expats…

As always we are extra vigilant on Fridays and I wanted to share some information which we received from our contacts:  Please feel free to share & contribute:  

Bad News Buildup 

The combination of the “death of an inmate in the case of the attack on the U.S. embassy” and the developing story in Gaza are the primary reasons for today’s (Friday Nov. 16) extra security presence.  

Friday Setup

Remember to continue exercising extra vigilance during your Friday routine.:

  • Avoid downtown Tunis from 1:30pm-5pm
  • If commuting make sure you are traveling through safe roads 
  • Avoid any form of protest or large gatherings

Although  we’ve seen the security situation improve during the last few weeks, there is simply too much cautionary information for us to adopt a low threat level posture.  

Let’s continue to share information and work together.  

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  1. No mention of the demo that was taking place this afternoon,

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