TS Update-(Friday, November 2)

Greetings Expats…

There is a lot of information regarding today’s (Friday, November 2) possible activities so let’s do an information review of the situation:

Here’s why there is a lot of nervous energy today:  

  • New imam of the mosque “Al Nour” Douar Hicher calls for jihad
  • Escalation of violence in Manouba
  • A lot of nervous chatter among every day Tunisians
  • Increase security challenges

Here’s why security professionals are going with a wait & see approach:

  • Since 9/14 the information circulating on social media sites simply does not match the realities on the ground
  • A noticeable improvement in terms of readiness among military & police security forces
  • Security contacts have identified the areas of concern as:  Manouba (Western Tunis) & Tunis Centre Ville (downtown Tunis)

Here’s what we can actually do:

  • Continue our Friday precaution routine:  Simply adjust your Friday afternoon so that you are not out “exploring Tunisia” between 1-4pm.
  • Stay Informed:  Continue to monitor the information and most importantly be sure to share any relevant information that you feel could help other Expats.
  • Readiness:  Make sure your setup is optimal in the event that you would have to stay home for 1-2 days.

Most importantly be sure to turn your nervous energy into positive actions.  Let’s keep sharing information and helping each other throughout this process.

Hope we have a safe Friday and a lovely weekend ahead.


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  1. Thank you so much for this important information. We will turn our nervous energy into positive actions.


  2. Village Bicycle Project Avatar
    Village Bicycle Project

    David, I just heard a story on-line from Friday’s NPR All Things considered, about the Benghazi attack.  It was an interview with a high level military commander, refuting Fox News claims there was a stand-down order.  There were a lot of pieces you might be interested in, the point that stuck out most for me, was that he said the consulate had been attacked six times in the previous 18? months, and that after the second attack, which blew a hole in the side of the building, that security should’ve been beefed, or the consulate closed.

    The other thing was they flew back up forces in from the US, and not from Sicily, or Germany, or any of the many nearby bases.  that seems crazy.

    Hey, I been appreciating the links provided in your regular updates!  They help a lot, and direct me to sources I havent easily found before. 

    I see today headlines of ‘divorce’ between Salafists and the Ennahda government.  The chilling part is that Salafist leaders keep saying the government is forsaking them to cozy up to the US.  I’d like to see a loud response from the Tunisian govt that its about law and order, and defending themselves against attacks on security forces and installations.  Sure, Sept 14 marked a turning point, as if suddenly they’d gone too far.  Too bad the government wouldnt fight back when they themselves were attacked.  It sure does look related, and I hate to think that the idea of protecting US interests over Tunisian citizens is getting any traction.  best wishes, dave peckham  our website:  http://villagebicycleproject.org

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