TS Update-(Tuesday’s Clashes)

With so much information circulating around…it’s a good time for a Security Update:  
One person was killed on Tuesday when police opened fire during clashes with hardline Salafi Muslims in the Tunis.  This incident could have a wider effect in and around our surrounding areas.  Religious and social tensions may spark protest or violence in:  
La KaramLaouina, Ain Zaghouan, Sidi Daoud, La Marsa and Manouba/Western Tunis.  
Additionally, as was the case in June 2012 where violent clashes took place in Sousse, Monastir, Jendouba, Ben Geurdane, and Greater Tunis under similar circumstances, we could see this same wave repeat itself.  Presently, security forces are responding to these disturbances quickly and with authority.  
We strongly recommend that you avoid all forms of demonstration.  
Stay Connected:  
The threat level in and around Lac, Carthage, La Marsa, and Gammarth remain low to moderate, but we should continue to use extra vigilance & precaution.  Our security network is providing us with excellent information and we will continue to do our best to pass on practical & relevant information to the wider Expat community.  
The Tunisia Security Update Facebook Page is updated regularly.  Feel free to Like it and receive updates onto your facebook page.  Additionally, if you want to share information you may post articles and relevant information on the page.  
As always feel free to email me and let’s stay in touch.  

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