TS Update-(Informed & Prepared for Friday)

Information flying at the speed of light…too much to contain…too sketching to offer concise analysis… 

Here’s a recap of this week & some tips for Friday:

Tuesday, October 16th 

Wednesday, October 17th 

Thursday, October 18th 

Clashes between Islamists and secular opponents in the southern Tunisian town of Tataouine on Thursday left a secular politician dead, a local official and resident said.

The violence broke out during a march organized by a group of Islamists close to the Ennahda party, which leads Tunisia’s Islamist government.”

Friday, October 19th

Let’s be prepared for Friday.  At the very least we can expect protests in downtown Tunis.  There will be a lot of political activity with different parties releasing statements.

Additionally, the social media sites will be packed with rumors, plots, and theories.

Keys to Success for tomorrow…

  1. Network updated:  By network I mean your contacts, circle of friends, people at work, etc.  Sharing & receiving relevant information is more important than ever.  
  2. Move with a purpose:  If you are out have a purpose and clear destination.  Tomorrow is not the day to “discover the medina” at 1:30pm.  
  3. Avoid & adjust:  Avoid all protests and large crowds.  Additionally, avoid high volume places at peak times.  Finally, adjust your daily routine to the situation and remain flexible. 

Once again let’s continue to share information.  Remember…for rapid updates visit my facebook page at:  Tunisia Security Update or tweet me @DavidSecurity.  




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  1. “It is hard for men and women who had suffered for their convictions to sacrifice those convictions for the sake of harmony.” Steve Addison.

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