TS Update-(Protest Formula)

Today has been quite a challenging day.  Our thoughts and condolences go out to US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and the three staff members that were killed today in the Benghazi consulate attack. 

The amount of information and activity that was coming our way was pretty intense, but then again this is what we do.  It was very encouraging to see our vibrant Expat community connected and sharing reliable information.  Although information is flowing pretty smoothly we need to make a conscious effort to avoid rumors and not overreact. 

Informed Expats simply adjust, overcome, and adapt…while others panic and stress over things they have no control over.  Now is the time to make sure your communications are working well (does your employer have your correct mobile number?)….now is the time to make sure you are connected to your community…now is the time to make sure you are using good situational awareness skills. 

Rest of the Week Outlook

There will be a protest today (Wednesday, September 12 at 4pm) in front of the US embassy.  We anticipate an even larger and more organized protest on Friday September 14th at 4pm.  We strongly recommend that Expats take extra precaution on Friday. Historically, Friday is the day when things tend to get most challenging. 
Protest Formula…

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this before:  Insulting media is published—>Followed by Angry Protests—>Followed by acts of violence—>Followed by apologies—>Then life goes back to “normal”.  I don’t know which is more unfortunate…the fact that people publish irresponsible media or the unwarranted reaction by radicals???

In any event we have to stay focused, informed, and prepared… let’s continue to share information and move forward during these challenging times. 

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