TS Update-(Expats Return)

Call me a security geek but I love the subject of Risk Management.  What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the term “Risk Management”? 

Most people think of it as something organizations do to deal with chaos & struggle.  Although being prepared for chaos & struggle is part of Risk Management, it is only one piece of a very useful concept that should be part of every Expat’s toolbox. 

One of my favorite quotes on the topic really puts it into perspective:  “We talk a lot about “risk management”—a nice hygienic phrase. But in the end, risk is necessary. Things can and will go wrong. Yet some have a better capacity to prepare for the possibility, to limit the damage, and to sometimes even retrieve success from failure.”

A sound risk management program is empowering, practical, and dynamic.  For Expats, a basic understanding of risk management empowers them  to thrive in their host country.

 As Expats begin to make their way back to Tunis in great numbers it’s important that we catch up on things and evaluate the current situation. 

Risk Analysis-News

Although the state of emergency was extended for an additional month, many security professionals agree with the assessment that there is a “notable improvement in the general security situation in Tunisia“.  While we agree with that assessment, there are just too many wild cards for Expats to lower their security posture.

The following article is a good example: 

  • ArticleMedia, strikes threat to Tunisia unity: Ennahda (AFP)
  • Significant Quote:  “At the level of the media, the political parties and currents have begun stirring things up against each other using a language that would suggest we are at war,”-Ennahda’s  leader Rached Ghannouchi
  • Expat Impact:  Simply put, the playing field is just too volatile to give a general and long lasting security assessment. 


Now is the time for Expats to start their own personal risk assessment.  Be proactive and think of new and fresh ways to improve your personal security and safety.  Connect yourself to organizations like InterNations, host an Expat Event…or simply email us your best Expat Security Tip and we will share it with the flourishing Expat Community. 







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