TS Update-(August 1, 2012 Update-Podcast)

Tunisia Security Update Podcast 3

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TSU-Podcast 3

Podcast Highlights: 

  •  The Associated Press has reported that Tunisia is extending a state of emergency…It is the seventh time the measure has been extended since January 2011…the positive news is that this time it was only  for one month.
  • The decision was taken following a noticeable improvement of the security situation.
  • Associated Press article does a good job of describing the various challenges that face this new democracy:  “unexpected threat that has emerged:…namely the “increasing boldness of ultra conservative Muslims known loosely as Salafis, who want to turn this North African country of 10 million into a strict Islamic state.”
  • We will definitely have to be more aware of subtle changes as we get ready for 2 important events:
  1. The release of the constitution which is scheduled for October 23 of this year.
  2. New elections scheduled for 20 March 2013.

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TSU-Podcast 3

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