TS Update-(Sejnane Advisory)

Before I share some analysis concerning the alarming incidents that took place in Sejnane (Bizerte, Tunisia), I would like to thank all the motivating Tunisia Security Updaters out there who keep sending me solid & relevant information. It’s one thing to read a story online, but to actually receive eye-witness accounts is so much more empowering. 

As reported by various news outlets, two separate yet related incidents recently took place in the town of Sejnane: 

  1. A group of students on a field trip from the Higher Institute of Applied Biological Sciences (ISSBAT), stopped in Sejnane (Bizerte) on their way to Ain Draham. According to eyewitnesses students were attacked by religious activists.  
  2.   Basically, a mix group of foreigners and Tunisians were attacked on the road while on their way back from a trip to Cap Serrat.  In the words of one of the victims:  “I would  highly recommend to avoid the City of SEJNANE / Cap Serrat.”
  3. Additionally, other security coordinators have received similar accounts related to the same area.  

While Sejnane itself is not a popular touristic destination, it is on the way to Ain Draham, Tabarka, and several other more attractive places.  The “Sejnane incident” is not a surprise for anyone who has been following the developments throughout the country since the Revolution. As early as January 2012, the Tunisian media reported that a  “group of about 250 individuals managed to “talibanize” Sejnane , imposing their hardline Islamic rule, without being in any way contravened by the country’s security forces.”

Field Trip Security

Interestingly enough there is a useful correlation between driving and good situational awareness.  Make sure that you are using at least 3 levels of situational awareness while driving.  Here’s a simple model which you can use as a starting point: 

  • Level 1:  Relaxed Awareness…In this state you want to make sure that you are not only driving safely but also able to look ahead for possible hazards.  Like a good chess player, make sure you’re at least 3 moves ahead of the next guy.
  • Level 2:  Focused Awareness…Have you ever been driving and suddenly knew that something was wrong up ahead?  You don’t know how but something (intuition, experience, higher self…) let you know that you better be careful and most of the times you are right! 
  • Level 3:  Action Awareness….Whereas in focused awareness your attention was on identifying what was happening…in action awareness you are moving from thinking to doing. Make sure your action is swift and precise.

The bottom line is that Tunisia has many beautiful sites to visit and road trips are usually enjoyable & safe.  By practicing good situational awareness you will make sure that all your excitement remains on the fun side of the Expat experience.

 Once again thank you for all the feedback & let’s keep sharing information…

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