TS Update-(Djerba Advisory)

It’s interesting to see that Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) has “increased its travel warning to Tunisia following reports of possible attacks on Israeli or Jewish targets in the country.”  According to their Anti-terrorism Bureau their major concern is on the island of Djerba and the upcoming pilgrimage that will be taking place there this Wednesday and Thursday (May 9th & 10th, 2012). 

As stated by the latest US embassy travel alert, the security situation “in most tourist and business centers remains calm.”  However, for the time being we would recommend that you think twice about visiting the lovely island of Djerba at least for this week. 

On a Positive Note…

I had the privilege of coordinating security for 9 field trips throughout Tunisia. Trips in Zaghouan, Ghar El Milh, Mannouba, Sidi Thabet, Testour, Raf Raf, Sid Bou, and Carthage; all proved to be successful.  On all sites we encountered cooperative security forces that appeared alert & prepared.  Additionally, not only was the weather amazing but the people were friendly and welcoming. 

Field Trip Map

Enjoy the nice weather and remember to stay safe, informed, and positive. 

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