Election Update 5-(Calm Friday…Important Info)

It was a calm and rather beautiful Friday.  A member of our security team informed us that the theme of today’s prayers was about the importance of good deeds and preparations for Eid Al Adha (Muslim holiday), which will run from November 6th to the 7th.

On another note…

According to an Australian government website:

“According to potentially credible information as of 19 October, terrorists may be planning to attack the Sheraton Hotel in Tunis, Tunisia, within a few days.”

We are not able to verify their ‘credible information’, but considering the timing and specificity of their posting, it is better to share this type of information.

We have shared this information with other security professionals and will keep you informed if we are able to obtain more clarification on this matter.

Evaluating Information

In this day and age with so many open sources, we really have to examine every piece of data that comes across our way.  Like good information analysts, we have to accept that in the information age, all sorts of info, confirmed and unconfirmed, are easily passed on as truth, but nothing can replace good common sense.

Tunisia Security Update

We will continue to monitor the situation on the ground and  keep you updated with relevant, practical, and big

picture analysis.

2 responses to “Election Update 5-(Calm Friday…Important Info)”

  1. Thanks for this, David. I can imagine how hard it is to pass on information that may be false because to withhold it would be irresponsible. Let us hope that it is the Friday prayer message that wins. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Thank you Karen, for always providing us with good information.

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