Election Update 4-(Monitoring Friday)

Last Friday, Tunisian “police fired tear gas to disperse several thousand Islamists trying to force their way into the prime minister’s office”.  This Friday (October 20th), will give us a good sense of the overall mood Tunisians will be in for Election Day Sunday.  Of course there are still many wild cards on the table, but with so many election observers, over 42,0000 security agents guarding polling stations, and an entire nation hungry for change; it is safe to say that the necessary pieces are in place for us to witness the culmination of  a successful election process.

The big question for the Expat community is:  What happens next?

Next, we brace ourselves for a whole new Tunisian paradigm, a new security outlook, and for a whole new set of unanswered questions.  With each passing day, we will have a better idea as to how this new paradigm will materialize. We have to keep in mind  that “final results will be announced 12 days after the day of the elections (October 23rd)”. Although we will have a good idea of the outcome, primary results will be announced throughout the weeks.

Monitoring Friday

Friday is the day to be on the look out for any major developments.  We will be on the look out for:

  • Any major protests after Friday prayers.
  • Any major political announcement.
  • Any major official announcement, especially anything related to a curfew.

Sunday’s weather forecast doesn’t look too promising, but I am sure that neither rain nor thunder will deter the Tunisian people from going to the polling stations and exercising a right they worked so hard to get.


Tunisia Security Update

We will continue to monitor the situation on the ground and  keep you updated with relevant, practical, and big

picture analysis.

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