Curfew reduced…

The curfew has been reduced by four hours and is now being enforced between midnight and 4:00 am (Source:  AFP, 14 May 2011).

Although the news is definitely positive; it’s not back to business as usual.  Since the curfew was mainly in reaction to security incidents that took place  in Mnihla, Intilaka, Ibn Khaldoun, El-Mourouj V, Tunis suburbs such as Kram as well as the city of Kasserine; you can be assured that these places will continue to have a heighten sense of security alertness.

Between midnight and 4:00 a.m.

Interestingly enough, research shows that most violent crimes occur between midnight and 4am. (Source:  Criminal Investigation, by Wayne W. Bennett, 2006).

Additionally, as far as ATM incidents are concerned most occur at night, “with the highest risk between midnight and 4 a.m”.  Another statistic which pertains to the United States, but is relative to Tunis, between midnight and 4 a.m., approximately “80% of all fatally injured drivers have been drinking“.

Whether there is a curfew in place or not, it is safe to say that it’s always a good practice to use extra caution between midnight and 4:00am.

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