Tunisia elections probably in November

Date: May 3, 2014

Source:  Reuters

Brief: T(Reuters) – Tunisia’s next presidential and parliamentary elections will probably be held in the second half of November, the election agency chief said on Saturday, about polls that will mark the country’s final step towards full democracy. Read More


TS Update-(Martyrs’ Day + Safety & Security)

Greetings Expats,

During the last few months we’ve seen a barrage of positive news regarding Tunisia.  The media-hype is backed up by a real measurable difference in terms of security improvements on the ground.  Still, security analysts remain cautious because a. Tunisia is going through a major transition and b. the deteriorating situation in Libya.

The U.S. Embassy recently updated their Safety & Security section regarding Tunisia. Here are the 3 points that caught my attention:

  1. While the Tunisian government has renewed its commitment and effectiveness in addressing security concerns over the past year, challenges remain.
  2. The ability of Tunisian Ministry of Interior forces to control civil unrest and demonstrations since a 2012 attack on U.S. Embassy Tunis and the nearby American Cooperative School of Tunis has improved.
  3. Terrorism also remains an increasingly significant concern.  Tunisian nationals have been involved in international terrorism and international terrorist organizations have on multiple occasions called for attacks in North Africa, including Tunisia.

Expat Awareness

The embassy does a good job of providing readers with practical security advise.  Being aware of our surroundings, staying informed, and avoiding areas where demonstrations take place are all easy yet effective things that we can do to strengthen our security setup.

Wednesday, April 9th is Martyrs’ day, a day in which Tunisians mark the massacre of the country’s nationalists by French troops in 1938.  Last year, we witnessed many demonstrations so it’s important that we remain security conscious as we make our plans to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re being spoiled with these days.

Let’s stay in touch and continue to share practical & relevant information.


Disclaimer:  Please note that this post is for informational use only and not affiliated with the U.S. embassy in Tunis.  

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Tunisia lawmakers start debate on key step in democratic transition

Date: April 8, 2014

Source:  REUTERS

Brief:  (Reuters) – Tunisian Islamist and secular parties have begun a parliamentary debate on an election law, the final step before setting a ballot date to complete a transition to democracy in the country that lit the fuse of Arab popular uprisings.Read more

Tunisia treads path to political stability but still faces tests

Date: April 07, 2014

Source:  REUTERS 

Brief: (Reuters) – Three years after its uprising that inspired the Arab Spring revolutions, Tunisia is on its way to political stability with a new constitution and the promise of elections later this year. –Read more

Tunisia: Joint Statement By the United States and Tunisia

Date: April 06, 2014

Source:  allAfrica.com

Brief: Tunis, — In their meeting last Friday in the Oval Office at the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama and interim Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa reaffirmed the strategic partnership between the United States and Tunisia.-Read more

Regional Security Update-Libya-Tunisia border post re-opens after weeks of tension

Date: April 07, 2014

Source:  The Daily Star

Brief:  ZARZIS, Tunisia: The main border crossing between Libya and Tunisia, a gateway for contraband Libyan petrol whose closure nearly a month ago fuelled tensions in southern Tunisia, reopened on Monday. –Read more


Embassy Update-Lifting of Travel Warning for Tunisia

Date: March 28, 2014

Source:  US Embassy Tunis

Brief:  Effective March 28, 2014 the U.S. Department of State lifted the Travel Warning for Tunisia which had been in place since September 15, 2012. The Department of State periodically reviews its Travel Warnings to ensure that they are up to date. After assessing the current situation in Tunisia, the Department of State determined that circumstances did not merit extending the Travel Warning for Tunisia. –Read more


TS Update-(Spring Forecast)

Greetings Expats,

Recently Stratford published a very informative article entitled “Tunisia After the Arab Spring”.  The article contains several key assessments which gives us a good idea about the challenges that Tunisia may experience.

Here are the points that I highlighted while reading the article:  

  • Militant activity & public unrest will remain the biggest challenges to Tunisia’s upcoming permanent government (national elections expected before 2015).
  • 3 plus years without a permanent government + slow economic progress means we are likely to see more protests, unrest, and clashes with police.
  • Overall the risk of social unrest should remain manageable.
  • (Wildcard):  Libya’s continuing destabilization will affect Tunisia security
  • Cooperation with the United States & Algeria will work to counter the developing situation in Libya.
  • However, the occasional militant attack whether attempted or successful will become part of Tunisia’s post Arab Spring reality.

Informed & Engaged

Overall it seems like Tunisia is moving in a positive direction but there are many challenges ahead.  As expats our best friends remain information & community.  Let’s continue to network & share information.



TS Update-(Spring Security)

Greetings Expats,

Spring is in the air and Tunisia’s beauty is beginning to bloom.  Time to travel (smartly) and explore (safely).

Travel Advise

Expect additional checkpoints throughout the country especially if you’re traveling through the interior parts or south.  Most embassies continue to advise their nationals to avoid areas south of and including the towns of Nefta, Douz, Medenine and Zarzis, however we know that many tourist/expats are going to places like Douz and having a great time.

The key to having a safe & enjoyable time is to pre-plan & activate your security mind while exploring.

Explore with Confidence 

We will continue to see more operations such as the one that took place on Monday (17/3), where Tunisian security forces raided a house in northwest Jendouba.  It is important to remain aware of these incidents to make rapid & practical travel adjustments.

Tunisia is making great efforts to revive their tourism sector.  The ongoing stability and security improvements are definitely helping them get back to becoming the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Let’s keep sharing information and feel free to follow us on our Facebook Page or Twitter for daily updates.