Revolution 2.0

Well folks here we go again, but this time we’re ready…or at least we should be.

For those of you who are scratching your heads wondering… “wait a minute didn’t we just have a revolution???”…well allow me to give you a quick update:

Event:  Video Posting on Facebook (click to watch the video)

SourceAl Jazeera

Date:  4 May 2011

Action:  The video was first posted to Facebook late on Wednesday evening, and by Thursday morning had captured the attention of Tunisia’s vibrant online sphere.  Among other troubling allegations, Tunisia’s former interior minister has warned that lingering members of the country’s former political elite may carry out a coup d’etat if Islamists win a majority in the upcoming election.

In plain English…the former interior minister basically undermined the new and extremely fragile government.

On top of this we can throw in the various protests that took place on Friday and the stadium mayhem that took place on Saturday when fans stormed on to the soccer field after what was supposed to be a friendly game between Club African and Sudan. Additionally, there have been reports of at least (2) police stations being set on fire and other governmental buildings attacked.

Immediate Action

In light of these events the interim government ordered an overnight curfew for Saturday May 7th from 9pm to 5am.  It is safe to assume that this curfew will also apply on Sunday and perhaps for the very near future.

Headlines such as:  “Riot police have clashed with protesters denouncing the transitional government and calling for ‘a new revolutionshould remind us that we too need to take immediate actions.

A so-called new revolution may be more challenging than the first one as historically these types of events tend to get more violent as in the case with Algeria.

It’s never too late to put together a practical emergency preparedness plan for you and your loved ones.   If you are interested in putting together a detailed yet practical plan, the Emergency Family Packet is a must read.

Fortune favors the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur

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