TS Update-(May Day…May Day)

Last year, May Day in Tunisia was marked by beautiful weather and plenty of protests.  May 1st 2012 may very well be a replay of last year.  May Day also known as International Workers Day,  presents a good opportunity for the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) to make a statement.  Last year UGTT was ableContinue reading “TS Update-(May Day…May Day)”

TS Update-(International Security Advisory)

Since several embassies have updated their travel advisories, we felt it would be a good time to share an “International Tunisia Security Advisory Summary” for the entire Expat Community. US-Embassy Advisory Highlights (last update on 17 Apr 2012):    Travelers contemplating trips to the interior of the country should assess local conditions and routes whenContinue reading “TS Update-(International Security Advisory)”

TS Update-(Bourgiba Ave-Update)

Our last post focused on the April 9th protest on Avenue Bourgiba and the negative actions that took place that day. We pointed out that the  issue would remain a central point of dispute between “secularist” and the current government.  It’s interesting to note that not only has the current government reversed the ban butContinue reading “TS Update-(Bourgiba Ave-Update)”

TS Update-(Protest Update)

Last January it was pretty difficult to keep up with all the different events that were going on in Tunisia.  This January the task (albeit not as dramatic), has proved equally challenging. With all these sporadic protests and strikes taking place throughout the country, staying up to date on security matters in 2012 is noContinue reading “TS Update-(Protest Update)”

TS Update-(Bardo and Beyond)

Just 20K away from La Marsa, a very interesting development is unfolding.  Tunisians from all walks of life have gathered in Bardo to express different concerns at their political leaders, as the real hard work of writing a constitution unfolds.  In fact, what’s happening in Bardo is a preview of the challenges ahead.  Bardo AsContinue reading “TS Update-(Bardo and Beyond)”