TS Update-(May Day…May Day)

Last year, May Day in Tunisia was marked by beautiful weather and plenty of protests.  May 1st 2012 may very well be a replay of last year.  May Day also known as International Workers Day,  presents a good opportunity for the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) to make a statement.  Last year UGTT was able to get hundreds of people to protest against the Tunisian interim government, this year the list of grievances is longer and the scene less dramatic.

May Day For Expats

Most of the protest last year took place in downtown Tunis and a few towns located in the interior of the country.  This year we can expect the same since the only two authorized protests are scheduled to take place downtown.  Still it’s important to continue to practice smart situational awareness.  

It’s important to remember that situational awareness is a process which when used correctly, will empower you to avoid potential threats.  This process is all about having the right mindset and you don’t need any type of military training to become good at it.  By simply doing a little pre-planning before you go out and observing your surroundings; you will be at least 3 moves ahead of the bad guys.

Make it Positive

A positive thing to do on May Day is to participate in the Race Against Cancer taking place early that morning. The event is intended to help the children’s cancer ward of the Salah Azaiz Hospital continue.  To learn more about this cause or join volunteer effort, please contact Zainab Jabba, Race Against Cancer Event Coordinator, at zainabjabba@yahoo.com.


On days like May 1st it’s important that we share information so if you see something while you’re out and about…please let us know.  Feel free to comment or send us an email…




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