Tunisian town included in “10 most dangerous tourist attractions” in Africa!??

Small town in friendly Tunisia made the “10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions” in Africa list?? Let’s talk SECURITY!

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 I recently came across an article with the catchy headline Top 10 most dangerous tourist attractions in Africa.  As an expat that lived for over 10 years in North Africa, I have to say that the headline grabbed my attention. 

Breaking down the Top 10 List-VIDEO

Top 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in Africa…

Danakil desert, Ethopia

The article written by Adaobi Onyeakagbu was very descriptive and informative. I loved the 1st question:

Is a good adventure story worth risking your life? Let’s leave you to decide from a list of beautiful tourist attractions in Africa that can actually kill you.

The question was powerful and it immediately grabbed my attention. You see as a security professional, I believe that with the right mindset, awareness, and set up virtually NO PLACE is off-limits to tourists.

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“They don’t call it the Devil’s Pool for no reason! This naturally formed rock pool is located at the very edge of the majestic Victoria Falls on the Zambia side (the other side of the falls is in Zimbabwe). Some tourists are daring enough to swim in it. Some go even further and dangle their legs off the side.

Swimming can only take place between September and December when a natural rock barrier forms, but it is still extremely dangerous. Several people have plunged to their death from the Devil’s Pool, including one famous tour guide, who managed to save one of his charges who had started to fall. Unfortunately, he slipped during the rescue and lost his own life instead. You can marvel at the beauty of Victoria Falls without risking your life, so why not do that?”

How did Tunisia Make the List?

 I was literally shocked when I came across the 8th so-called most dangerous place in Africa.  8. Tatooine, Tunisia.

According to the Article:

8. Tataouine, Tunisia

This one is for all the Star Wars fans out there planning a visit to Tunisia. You may be familiar with Tataouine as the fictional village of Tatooine in George Lucas’s Star Wars films. The Skywalker farm buildings were left there after filming and have since attracted thousands of Star Wars fans to the area.

Unfortunately, it appears that the region is no longer safe for tourists to visit, so you may have to put your tour on hold for now. Recent terrorist activity in nearby Libya has made the area of Tataouine unstable, as it is in the path of traveling jihadists hoping to join infamous terrorist group, ISIS. Tourists have already perished in Tunisia, after an attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis left 19 dead. Best to leave it until there’s no further risk of attacks, we think.

Tataouine is UNIQUE!

Anybody that’s ever been to Tataouine, Tunisia know 3 facts about the sleepy town:It’s quite literally in the middle of NO WHERE!

1. It is literally in the middle of nowhere!

Tataouine is the southernmost of the twenty-four governorates of Tunisia, the only one to border both Algeria and Libya (a geographical fact that makes people think it is “dangerous”). While it has a population of 149,453 you wouldn’t know it if you visited town as it is as lay back as you can get.

2. The star wars set are…shall we say aged…

Tataouine is the town that inspired George Lucas to name his fictional desert planet Tatooine. The sets are visible in the desert nearly four decades after the first film was filmed! Although there’ve been several attempts to revive the area the sets have to face the harsh sand dunes.

3. The locals are very welcoming…

During your trip to Tataouine, you’ll notice the breathtaking desert landscapes, colorful markets and of course friendly people.

Tataouine is NOT “Dangerous”…

Now I know that it’s true that the region is facing challenges especially in nearby Libya but still I know that there are 100 other places more “DANERGOUS” in Africa.  In fact, you’re properly more likely to get pickpocketed in a major Western city then you are to be kidnapped in Tatotourine IF you practice basic security awareness.

Well let me know what you think.  Especially if you’ve ever visited Tatoonie or maybe you clicked on this video because you’re a big start wars fan in which case I say….May be the force be with you!

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