TS Update-(May Day Security)

Greetings Expats,

So much going on in Tunis on May 1st so let’s review the security situation.  People often ask me “so how are things in Tunis?”.  Before responding I always take a second to assess the person asking the question so that I can select the version of things I think the person cares about.  

As a security professionals I speak with a wide spectrum of people all with a different take on “how things are going“.  In the end it comes down to a balance between caution & exploration.  

Expat Awareness on May 1st

  • Downtown Tunis:  Habib Bourgiba Avenue will be closed to traffic from 9-3pm.  
  • Gatherings in support of International Workers Day are schedule to take place in many major cities to include Sfax and Sousse.  

Top 3 Recent News Headlines

Tunisian PM says economic reforms will be paced to avoid unrest

Fitch reaffirms its negative Outlook on Tunisia 

Could Tunisia be the next big travel destination? 

Exploring Safely 

As expats we owe it to ourselves to explore our adopted country.  With the right mindset we can safely continue our adventurous journey in North Africa.  

Let’s continue to share practical & relevant information.  Join us on Twitter & Facebook for quick security updates.  

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