Tunisia Security Update-(3 Weeks Ahead)

Greetings Expats,

While everyone is celebrating the so called “breakthrough“, I would just like to point out that the situation is far from being resolved.  In fact, the political/economical/social situation in Tunisia is perhaps more fragile than ever.

Here’s what I am saying:  It’s great that the political stalemate appears to have come to an end, but this does not mean that it will be a smooth transition.  

Next 3-weeks

According to various accounts, Ennahda is to “hand over power to an independent caretaker government that will lead the country through elections in the spring”. The very influential UGTT (union), is set to coordinate three weeks for talks on a new government.  Also part of deal has the National Constituent Assembly finishing the new constitution.  What could possibly go wrong?

Make no mistake about it…if the Tunisian government manages to accomplish this very admirable goal they will not only make history but also give the world a shining example of democracy in action.

In the meantime…let’s stay connected, informed, and prepared.

Tunisia Security UpdateIntro Video


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  1. Hopeful development but there are still many that don’t feel, or choose not to be, represented by the major players.

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