TS Update-(Next 48 Hours..Egypt-Tunis)

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Interesting developments taking place in Egypt and it’s amazing how many expats don’t see a “connection”.  A fellow expatriate causally remarked “but we’re good here…I mean Tunis is not Egypt.”   

Well, I certainly won’t argue that Tunis is Egypt, but to think that the events in Egypt are not relevant to the general situation in Tunis is simply naive.  The truth is that Tunis has all the ingredients to materialize an “Egypt ultimatum event”.  

While political experts state that Tunis is in fact missing the main ingredient (a unified opposition) for serious wide spread unrest, security professionals are monitoring the events in Egypt and they know that this will have wider implications.  

Tunisia may lack a united opposition but the masses who took to the streets their frustrations about unemployment and economic hardship still feel their claims have not been addressed.  Additionally, the political challenges post Chorki Belaid still remain and the political process itself is making marginal progress.  

Next 48 hours

We’ll definitely learn more about the situation in Egypt during the next 48 hours.  We’re already feeling small aftershocks in Tunis.  Today, while “several hundred people protested against the draft constitution outside the National Assembly”, chaos took over inside the assembly as representatives of the opposition admittedly voiced their concerns about the draft constitution. 

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