TS Update-(Bizerte Awareness)

Greetings Expats,

We’re rolling along here getting ready for the summer season.  I wanted to send out a big thank you to all of the expats that keep sending me excellent information.

Bizerte Awareness

Clashes which have been taking place since  Sunday in Bizerte escalated this morning  with one dead among the demonstrators and several wounded including within the ranks of security forces.  Tunisian security forces remain on alert in the area and expats are advised to use extra precaution if visiting this town located on the north coast of Tunisia, 66km north of Tunis.  

Expat Awareness

Bizerte is a lovely city noted for its beautiful forests, beaches and scenery.  The current security challenges taking place highlight the importance of good situational awareness.  We will see more scenarios such as the one currently taking place in Bizerte and that is why it is important for Expats to remain aware and engaged while they’re here exploring Tunisia.  

Let’s keep sharing information…


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  1. Yes we had a minor incident passing through Bizerte on Saturday. We were surrounded in our car by a dozen or so youths who were beckoning for us to wind down our windows. I slowly sped up and blasted the horn. They were taken back momentarily. This gave me the chance to move off more quickly. They banged on our car roof as we moved off. It seems there is some lawlessness in the town.How ever once we were out of the throng of people everything was great. The people in Tarbarka were very friendly and helpful. Nice cruisy spot.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Fletch. Yes…it looked like you guys had a great time…good job on the security side as well 🙂

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