TS Update-(Bizerte Sitrep)

Greetings Expats,

The activities that took place in Bizerte during these last few days provide us with good opportunity to sharpen our security awareness.

Basically, fans in Bizerte were upset over a soccer ruling.  Angry youths and serious soccer fans used the information as an excuse to riot & loot.

Expat Awareness


“Important security reinforcements arrived in the early evening in the city of Bizerte after the resumption of violence and looting record targeting shops in the city.”-Tuniscope

Practical reminder:

There have been a number of demonstrations on major roads designed to cause traffic delays and disruption.-UK Embassy Tunis


As in this case, we have seen the Tunisian security forces actively respond and neutralize a situation that had the potential to ignite wide-spread problems.  The situation in Bizerte is a good example of why Expats need to maintain an active security profile. 


As we move more into the political campaign season we are going to see more “Bizerte style” incidents.  Groups of young people will use breaking news as an excuse to vent, riot, and cause chaos.

Expat Empowerment

Information & Situational Awareness are still your best tools to avoid challenging situations and enjoy Tunisia.  


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