TS Update-(March Assessment)

Greetings Expats,

The weather is definitely getting better and more Expats are subscribing to our newsletter and contributing to the discussion.  

Each month we get together with several Expat security professionals to discuss the security situation in Tunisia.  Our meetings are a great chance for us to network and compare notes.  I wanted to share with you some practical & relevant information from our last meeting: 

General Situation

We discussed the overall situation in Tunisia and while the group was mostly optimistic, we all agreed that Expats need to maintain a high level of situational awareness.

With regards to the March 16th demonstration, we talked about how surprised we were to learn that it was reported as “the biggest protest since the Arab Spring.” This type of reporting and off base assessment is what makes it difficult for uninformed people to accurately assess the situation.

A quick google news search supplies more than enough information for our family members to be very concerned for our safety.  As Expats, it’s hard for us to explain that things aren’t quite as negative as the media frames it.

Strikes & Other Disruptions

Many doubt the possible airport strikes that are scheduled for March 25th, 26th, 27th.  Not only is the timing counter productive, but it will also reflect badly on the newly assembled government so the overall consensus is that the strikes will most likely not take place.

That being said we will continue to monitor the situation and share any relevant updates.

Residential Security 

Residential security continues to be a major concern as we have noticed a significant increase in home break-ins post revolution.  While security professionals agree that burglaries have increased, we’ve also observed that the majority of incidents have one thing in common: The victim supplies the opportunity.

The Crime Triangle teaches us that in order for a crime to take place three things must be present:  desire, opportunity, and ability.  Criminals are on the hunt for opportunities and they are choosing perceived affluent neighborhoods such as Carthage and La Marsa, as their targets of choice.

Looking Ahead

The U.S. State Department recently warned that “civil unrest in Tunisia and the possibility of further violence means the security situation is unpredictable.”  While this is an accurate assessment, this isn’t news for any of our subscribers.  We understand that Tunisia is going through a massive transition and we can not simply hide within an “Expat Bubble”.

Instead of going through endless “what if scenarios”, we prefer to remind Expats about the importance of situational awareness & personal safety.


We are happy to arrange for a Situational Awareness + Personal Safety Presentation.  If you or your organization is interested in such a presentation please feel free to contact us for more information.

Let’s continue to share information and stay in touch.  

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