TS Update-(Escalation Wednesday)

Greetings Expats,

Today while driving to the airport at 4 in the morning, I started thinking about the situation in Tunisia and the many challenges that Expats face.

Although I was very excited to be traveling to one of my favorite cities in the world (Barcelona), I couldn’t help but worry about the state of affairs in the city I live and call home (Tunis).

Political Assignations =Security Escalation

Make no mistake about it…this incident marks a new chapter in the Tunisian democratic experiment.  

February 6, 2013 – “Opposition secularist politician Shokri Belaid is shot dead, sparking huge street protests. Prime Minister Jebali calls the killing a political assassination and a strike against the “Arab Spring” revolution.”-Reuters 

Opposition supporters will move with full force against the current government.  “Ennahda degage!“…get ready to hear that slogan over and over.

Protesters today “revived the iconic slogan of their revolution, crying: “The people want to topple the regime.

But it won’t be easy and it could get ugly.. 

“Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki said his country faces civil war amid
the struggle between Islamists and modernists.”-World Tribune Jan 14 2013

General Advisory 

Take these next 2 days to reevaluate your security setup.  Review your travel routes, and ability to effectively communicate with your co-workers, friends, and family.  Additionally, make sure you are receiving regular updates.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter @DavidSecurity and Facebook Page Tunisia Security Update.

It is important to remember that the situation is still 1. Tunisian (not targeting the Expat community) and 2. Political (the incident will be used by various political parties to advance their own agendas.  

Lastly, be mindful that rumors will begin to fly about the worst possible outcomes.  The best way to be prepared is focus on things that we can actually effect.  By reviewing your personal security, communication and information; we can easily turn nervous energy into proactive awareness.

I am constantly receiving/sharing updates and will return to Tunis on Sunday.  Please let’s stay in touch and stay safe.


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  1. David! I am so glad to hear from you. We really miss you at school. It was a very sad day. Thanks for all that you do. Ann

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  2. we remain for the safety and security of this country as commitment for all tunisian and expat.
    thank you david

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