TS Update-(On the Radar in 2013)

Greetings Expats,

A good personal security risk plan should include a list of specific developments to monitor.  Staying alert to local security developments is a central part of a practical & effective personal security setup.

Here are the (5) developments that we’re going to monitor closely in 2013:   

1.  The Salafists

“Tunisia’s Salafists, impatient for power and unskilled in the art of winning it democratically, are growing bolder in claiming it by force.”

Salafists won’t go away in 2013

More Info:  Salafist Influence Grows in Tunisia

2.  The League for the Protection of the Revolution

Labeled by some as a “paramilitary group with connections to the governing Islamist party, Ennahda”…their actions will be interesting to follow.

The League for the “Protection of the Revolution”…or a hired mob?

More Info:  Members of League for Protection of Revolution, UGTT Trade Unionists Clash

3.  Election Cycle 

“The National Constituent Assembly (NCA), the democratically elected body is in the process of  drafting the Tunisian constitution and the next presidential and parliamentary elections are due to be held on June 23, 2013. However, the security situation is still a roadblock in Tunisia…”

Elections…let the games begin

More Info:  Tunisia sets date for landmark presidential election 

4.  Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

Al-Qaeda was is trying to attract young members to embrace their hard-line ideology. The terror network is also attempting to train the recruits militarily and ideologically, before sending them to camps in Libya and Algeria for further instruction…

Enemies at the gate

More Info:  Tunisia foils al-Qaeda expansion plan

5.  Conservative Shift

“Once tolerated, alcohol now creates rift in Tunisia.”

Expat Awareness top priority in 2013

More Info:  Tunisian Salafists attack alcohol sellers in capital 

Expat Awareness

Well those are the top 5 developments that I’ll be following…what’s on your radar?  Feel free to email and let’s continue to share information in 2013.  


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