TS Update-(Siliana…into the night)


“Early on Friday, a “symbolic” march a few kilometres (miles) towards Tunis drew a crowd of thousands, who took part on foot, in cars and on motorcycles, chanting: “With our souls and our blood we sacrifice for Siliana.”

My Tunisian friends & family tell me this is going to be BIG…but I’m still not fully convinced.  They say the events resemble the build up that took place in December 2010 which eventual lead up to the mass uprising on January 2011.  Although I can see their point…I am not totally convinced.  

What is clear is that the opposition is taking a strong position in Siliana and there’s a lot of supportive chatter on the social media sites.  Here’s a good assessment of the current situation:  

“At a time when Siliana is in an uproar that risks spreading to other areas in the west and north-west, Ennahda, the majority party in the Troika, is refusing to order the Interior Ministry to cease using force against protesters.”

Expat Awareness

Our best tools continue to be reliable information + situational awareness.  Remember, a “state of emergency still exists and curfews or other temporary movement restrictions may be imposed or changed with little or no notice”—>Stay Informed

Information sharing & networking are also valuable tools.  A BIG thank you to all those subscribers who continue to send good information—>Expat Connection

Hopefully this will be my last post for this week…unless the situation escalates.

Enjoy your weekend.  

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