TS Update-(On our way to the 23rd)

One week into the much anticipated month of October and so far so good.  I’ve spoken with many security professionals and their analysis on the situation is too wide range to fit into one category.  Although Tunisia is still rated as a low to moderate threat country, analysts are still concerned and somewhat uncertain about how things will play out this month.

Prepare for the unexpected

On September 14th, I realized so many things, but one of the most important lessons I learned was that if there is talk about something taking place…you want to (a).  at least 3 moves in front of the action and (b). prepared for the unexpected.  

Naturally, it is impossible to prepare for something you don’t expect, but if you do the following 3 things you will always be ahead of the panicking mob:  

1.  Go beyond the news:  Remember that news is just that… new…if your main source of information is news…then you’ll always be 3 steps behind. 

2.  Situational Awareness:  I was driving around Lac today and I noticed that a police man was specifically on the look out for young couples.  After identifying a young couple behind a bus stop he came out of his vehicle and asked them for IDs…The only reason I noticed is because my situational awareness detector was ON.  

3.  Network:  Make sure your network is active & alive.  By active I mean make sure you have friends that go out and are able to provide you with useful information.  A friend of mine recently organized a charity dinner and invited over 1,000 facebook friends.  To her great disappointment less than 10 actually attended the event…my advise to her:  Update your Network!

New Initiative -Expat Empowerment

This week I am very excited about our new initiative designed to empower expats.  Teaming up with a former Tai boxing champion & self defense expert, we’re going to offer a dynamic situational awareness + self defense course to a small group of expats.

After completing this pilot program we want to expand this initiative to an even larger group of expats and then hopefully  to the entire expat community in Tunisia.

Finally, feel free to view the video below.  The interview is with Ms. Houda Cherif, someone I personally know and respect.  She offers great analysis and encouraging words.

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