TS Update-(Summer Prep 2012)

As a security coordinator my drive is to empower Expats with practical and relative security information.  In order to accomplish this I have to make sure that the information I put out is reliable and leans towards the side of caution.The stage was set for things to go wrong on Saturday’s protest and although a lot negative developments unfolded on the political side of things; security wasn’t an issue.

Assessing the potential for trouble is no easy task, sometimes you’re right but most times your information is seem as overly cautious because it is easy to be knowledgeable about an event after it has happened.

As Expats we have to make sure we error on the  side of caution and take extra measures especially during these transitional times.

Situational Assessment

What we’re witnessing now is a “triangle of negative communication” between the current government, Salafists, and everyday people (secularists).  While this development has the potential for compromise and cooperation; it can easily swing the other way.

In the meantime we will continue to monitor the situation in order to keep providing the vibrant Expat community in Tunisia with practical, relevant, and empowering  information.

<<< Coming Soon Tunisia Security Update

            Summer 2012 Security Guide>>>





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