TS Update-(A moment of truth)

As Expats, we find ourselves once again witnessing history.  Once again we’re going to see a shift.  A shift in this whole debate between the so-called “salafists” and the general Tunisian public.  It has already been established that the salafists do not represent most Tunisians.  Instead they are but a vocal minority taking advantage of the new political landscape.

For months now, we have seen them challenge the authorities on a number of issues.  During their last protest in front of the U.S. embassy they not only placed the American flag on the road for cars to run over it but they were even embolden enough to burn it.  The burning of a U.S. flag abroad is nothing new so of course I did not expect any notable condemnation from the Tunisian people. It is however, encouraging to see how the majority of Tunisians are reacting to what can only be labeled as an “ignorant move” on the part of the Salafists at the Manaboua University.

Reported by numerous sources, salafists demonstrating at the Manouba University decided to replace the Tunisian flag with a black religious flag….big mistake!


After this offensive spectacle, the general Tunisian population is waiting for the proper reaction from the government.  Article 129 of the Tunisian Penal code, basically protects the Tunisian and all other foreign flags from any type of public desecration.

People are now gathering in front of the assembly in Bardo, to demand that the law be applied.

It will be interesting to see the reaction if any, but no matter what,  we can be certain that this is a moment of truth.



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