TS Update-(Eye of the Storm)

The eye of a storm is a region of what appears to be a calm center of raging weather. Although the eye is “by far the calmest part of the storm”, it is also the most hazardous area.  As the storm of revolution that started in Tunisia continues to be felt around the world, one can easily make the case that the eye still remains here.  

Storm Indicators

There is a healthy conversation taking place among Tunisians concerning the role of the salafists and the place of religion within their new democratic society.  A Tunisian colleague of mine told me how shocked he was to see hundreds of bearded men and fully veiled women lined up near the El Menzah stadium waiting to see the “controversial” Muslim Egyptian scholar Wajdi Ghoneim.

As the country that started the Spring Revolution, it is no surprise, that  Tunisia is at the center of this important debate concerning religion and democracy.

Other Stories on the Radar

2 other stories clearly indicate that Tunisia remains the center of the storm:

  1. Tunisian forces track down militant forces:
  • In a statement minister Ali Laarayedh said 12 Tunisian suspected members of the group had been arrested after clashes with security forces in the central town of Bir Ali Ben Khalifa, near Sfax, on February 1.“- Source:  African News online.

2.  “Tunisia to host ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting

  • Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafik Abdessalem told a meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo that his North African nation was ready to host the Feb. 24 meeting.“Source:  Ynet News online.

Hope at the Center

Ironically, only a poet is able to  both fully describe the eye of a storm and accurately summarize our security situation here in Tunisia:

the eye of a storm is a place suspended in time and space, caught between the past and in anticipation of the future, surrounded by stormy walls. It is the illusion of being in a safe place. But, to leave that supposedly safe place you must weather the storm and break through the boundaries.”

Many seem to believe that the Tunisian people will not only break through the boundaries but also set a shining example for the world to follow…let’s hope they’re right.

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