Eid Al-Adha Travel-Security

Wishing everyone a pleasant and relaxing Eid weekend.  Here are a few points you may wish to consider before you hit the road:  

The Tunisian Interior Ministry has called on road users to show extra vigilance while driving.  The ministry also warns people against the “traffic congestion over the next week or so, especially Saturday 5th November (from 2:00 p.m.), and Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November 2011.”  As always it is recommended that you avoid excessive speed, observe the safety distance and respect road priority.

Local Travel
Because of the unpredictability of demonstrations and an increase in the levels of crime, if you wish to visit sites in the interior of the country, it is recommended that you do so with an approved local guide or reputable tour operator. Please also note that tourists wanting to visit the southern border areas have to obtain permission from the Tunisian authorities to enter certain desert areas on the borders with Algeria and the southern military zones and must travel with licensed guides.

Stay Alert/Stay Safe
A State of Emergency remains in place. You should be aware that the authorities may restrict travel or enforce local curfews with little or no notice. It is important that you observe instructions given by security authorities and above all use good common sense.

Good Emergency Numbers while on the road:
193 for the National Guard, 197 for police assistance, the 198 Civil Protection, the 71,960,448 for the Intelligence Center of the National Guard and 71,342 .787 for the operating room of the traffic police.



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