Election Update 7-(Big Tuesday)

Congratulations to the Tunisian people for their successful election day!  It seemed like all the pieces fell into place, the weather was great, the people were motivated, and the system worked.

On another note, now is not the time to just sit back and put away our security textbooks.   As previously discussed, security professionals predicted a smooth election day, but there are still concerns about the general public reaction and subsequent transition. The head of the election commission, Kamel Jendoubi, has already stated that the official results would be released Tuesday afternoon. By the end of this week, we’ll have a clearer picture of  the new security landscape.

Residential Security

We’ve received several reports in the La Marsa, Carthage, and Gammarth areas, concerning a scam operation whereby a person rings a private home’s door bell and gives a fake excuse in an attempt  to gain access.  Fortunately, in all the cases that we’ve come across, the person was smart enough to know something was wrong and refused to open the door.  In one case a male claimed he was there to deliver a letter at 10pm.  It’s important that you remain aware of your environment and understand that most burglaries are crimes of opportunity.

Residential Security Awareness

  • Break-ins often occur during the day when homes are unoccupied.
  • Before any break in, there is always a period of surveillance; don’t become predictable.
  • Make sure you’ve developed a good rapport with your neighbors, know your neighborhood, and easily spot something that ‘just doesn’t look/feel right’.

Tomorrow will be the start of a new era for Tunisia.  Hopefully the same positive energy that we witnessed during the weekend will carry over into the week.

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