This Moment of Oppurtunity

Cautious Optimism

With so much negative news in circulation, I thought it would be nice to shine the light on a few positive and somewhat hopeful information.  On Friday May 20th, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping said in Beijing  that China “believes Tunisia’s government and its people can realize social stability and economic prosperity.”  According to the Vice President he feels that the Tunisian government and its people have the “ability, wisdom and ways to find an economic system and road of development suitable for the country’s conditions”.  Additionally, during the most recent G8-Leaders of the world’s richest nations approved a multi-billion-dollar aid package for Tunisia and Egypt.

As might be expected, the tourism industry is greatly effected by the continual instability.  Still, there are those who still  have a positive outlook on the future.  According to Habib Ammar, the director-general of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT):  “The revolution will help boost our tourism industry in the mid to long-term,” Habib Ammar, the director-general of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT), told the press. “I’m confident that our visitor numbers will triple or even quadruple over the next five years.”

Summer Security Preparation

According to most security analysts, it should be a relatively safe summer  in Tunisia, but as we all know; things can change very rapidly.  Above all things, situational & informational awareness are the tools  that will enable you to stay ahead of any crisis.

Make sure you read our next posting on Thursday June 9th for a complete summer in Tunisia Security Posting.

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  1. outside observer Avatar
    outside observer

    Promoting tourism should not be a prominent piece of Tunisia’s economic recovery plans. Emphasis should be on the loudest voices of the revolution; jobs for educated youth, and development of the interior. Tourism does neither. It is low wage jobs which are concentrated on the developed coast.

    Also, tourism tends to draw some rather unsavory side affects, diluting native values in the process. The country already has a reputation for gay prostitution and cougar escorts, (young male companions for older European women). The dilution of local culture that tourism brings is one of the things that makes fundamentalism attractive. If the masses and the expats are worried about a rise of Islamist fundamentalism, they would do well to chill on advocating for tourism.

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