On Post in Tunis…

It has been noted that “The fate of the Tunisian revolution is, so far, still hanging in the balance. Will it result in more far reaching political change? Will the momentum of the considerable working class opposition to the old dictator, including the General Strike, which was crucial in breaking his Presidency, carry the revolution forward to confront capitalist property revolutions? Will political currents emerge that represent this perspective? These questions are still to be answered…”(Rees,2011)

As a security professional it is both a privilege and a blessing to not only witness history as it unfolds but also have the opportunity to put my skills to the test…ON POST IN TUNIS.


Rees, J.  (2011). The Tunisian Revolution in Historical Context.  Retrieved from http://www.counterfire.org/index.php/theory/37-theory/9358-the-tunisian-revolution-in-historical-context

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  1. Hi, please feel free to share any security & safety information especially for EXPATS living in Tunisia…

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