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Hi, I’m @DavidSecurity. Previously the Security Director for the American Cooperative School of Tunis, I became a full-time security consultant and freelance writer in 2016. I spend most of my time writing, traveling and enjoying life with my family.

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@DavidSecurity here at your service! I am a Certified Security Coordinator with extensive Security & Life Safety experience.  For more than 15 years I’ve been fortunate to help many International organizations, NGOs, Expats and Travelers THRIVE Safely in Tunisia.  I do this by understanding their mission/goal and then providing practical & cost effective security solutions. 

From the Arab Spring to political upheaval, travel warnings and security upgrades I have helped a wide arrange of organizations & individuals overcome their security challenge.   

While every situation is different my primary advise remains the same:  Empower yourself with Security Awareness so that you can THRIVE SAFELY!   

Let me know if I can be of any service to you and remember Security Awareness is the key to optimal success!  

All the best!