Expat News Update-(Sufi Shrine Sentencing)

Source:  New York Times Date:  June 18, 2013 Title:  Six Men Sentenced for Attacking Sufi Shrine in Tunisia Abstract: “A Tunisian court sentenced six men to five years in prison on Tuesday for attacking visitors to a famous Sufi Muslim shrine in Tunis, the capital, and for setting the shrine on fire. The attack wasContinue reading “Expat News Update-(Sufi Shrine Sentencing)”

TS Update-(June Challenges/Expat Awareness)

Greetings Expats, The weather is getting better…but the security challenges in Tunis have not gone away.  I want to share some information regarding the current security situation in Tunisia and  what Expats can do to improve their personal safety setup. From my perspective… OK here’s the thing…during the last 2 months I’ve organized security for field tripsContinue reading “TS Update-(June Challenges/Expat Awareness)”

TS Update-(Bizerte Perspective)

Greetings Expats, I wanted to share a little perspective today…  I know that most Expats are really enjoying their time here in Tunisia.  Yes they are concerned about the security situation and yes they want to be informed but they prefer (quite understandably) not to get into the nitty gritty details. Yesterday all my information sources wereContinue reading “TS Update-(Bizerte Perspective)”

TS Update-(Bizerte Awareness)

Greetings Expats, We’re rolling along here getting ready for the summer season.  I wanted to send out a big thank you to all of the expats that keep sending me excellent information. Bizerte Awareness Clashes which have been taking place since  Sunday in Bizerte escalated this morning  with one dead among the demonstrators and several woundedContinue reading “TS Update-(Bizerte Awareness)”

TS Update-(Kairouan Sunday…begins)

Greetings Expats, Sources indicate that security forces have increased their presence along main streets and major highways throughout Tunis.   We have received information from our contacts & readers that indicate sporadic incidents of rioting in Cite Ettadhamen.   Additionally, several reports indicate that some Ansar al-Sharia leaders have called on followers to meet at several different local mosque throughoutContinue reading “TS Update-(Kairouan Sunday…begins)”

TS Update-(Kairouan Sunday)

Greetings Expats, While I was driving back last night from the La Closeria restaurant in La Soukra…I thought to myself “what a paradox?” On one hand my mind was buys thinking about Kairouan and the many scenarios that could play out.  Yet all around me there were people laughing, drinking, and having a merry time. AsContinue reading “TS Update-(Kairouan Sunday)”

Expat Security-INFO

Greetings Expats, Feel free to download any of the documents below: General Information (PDFs) EXPAT Information (fire prevention safety checklist) Expat Security Awareness Sheet (general security info) EXPAT SECURITY READINESS-Checklist (proactive security) Expat Useful Numbers-Print Out (handy numbers to have)

TS Update-(Aware of the Shift)

Greetings Expats, Busy weekend on the security side of things, but also this weekend was a good snapshot of the situation in Tunisia.   On one hand we had great weather and many positive venues to enjoy…but a simple google news search provides more than enough stories to be concerned about.   A Shift As informedContinue reading “TS Update-(Aware of the Shift)”

TS Update-(May 9th Update)

Greetings Expats, Interesting times here in Tunisia.  As a security coordinator I get my information from 4 primary channels.   Open sources:  Publicly available information such media, web-based communities, public data, etc.  Professional Network:  I am fortunate to network with many expat security professionals and local security contacts.   Commercial security updates:  Companies that provide more comprehensive & in-depth analysis.Continue reading “TS Update-(May 9th Update)”

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