TS Update-(Interesting Analysis)

Greetings Expats, A recent article entitled:  “Bleak outlook for Tunisia’s economy” by Mourad El Hattab, posted on November 10th, 2013, offers a lot of insightful information for those wondering about the future of Tunisia. Below is a brief summary of the article: “Evaluating the general situation in Tunisia today is  almost exclusively based on theContinue reading “TS Update-(Interesting Analysis)”

TS Update-(How secure is your setup?)

Greetings Expats, If you’ve been following the political chess match that’s been taking place in Bardo, you know that the dialogue process is not going according to plan. Situational Awareness  The current situation is not good for Tunisia. This state of political limbo is creating a void that only increases the risks of serious security challenges.Continue reading “TS Update-(How secure is your setup?)”

TS Update-(Next days ahead…vig·i·lance)

Greetings EXPATS, Having just gone through a miniature media roller coaster, I would just like to remind everyone that this is an independent blog written by a freelance security coordinator who enjoys providing expatriates in Tunisia with practical & relevant security updates. No crystal ball, no “inside information”, no “special connections”…just a passion for security &Continue reading “TS Update-(Next days ahead…vig·i·lance)”

TS Update-(Take a deep breath…)

Greetings Expats, First, I would like to thank everyone for all the feedback (positive & negative)…it’s all good. For those who are new to the site please note that the purpose of this blog is to provide the expatriate community in Tunisia with practical & relevant security updates. The objective is to empower expats withContinue reading “TS Update-(Take a deep breath…)”

TS Update-(Expats…ready for the next crisis?)

Greetings Expats, Military clichés aside…these last few days provided us with some good training opportunities.  Specifically, we learned that accurate information is critical, networking is essential, and adaptability is the key. Here’s how it went down… Information:  Friday, October 25th was already shaping up to be a challenging day for us.  With an already tenseContinue reading “TS Update-(Expats…ready for the next crisis?)”

TS Update-(Oct. 23 Incident)

Greetings, Today’s incident involving the death of at least eight Tunisian policemen highlights what many analysts have already described as a serious conflict between Islamists (jihadist, terrorist, etc.) and Tunisian Security forces. It’s no secret…the diagram below is a rough overview of the model that these “jihadist cells” are following in North Africa…but there’s moreContinue reading “TS Update-(Oct. 23 Incident)”

TS Update-(October 23rd..what’s next?)

Greetings Expats, With the exception of a minor earthquake on Friday, I have to say that this has been the best October weather I’ve experienced in Tunisia over the past seven years. Security Paradox As I was having dinner with my family at a beautiful hotel resort in Sousse, I couldn’t help but notice the paradox.Continue reading “TS Update-(October 23rd..what’s next?)”

TS Update-(Regional Awareness Oct. 13-17th)

Greetings Expats, I hope everyone is doing well and managing ways to enjoy this great “fall” weather. OK..now for the interesting part.  So I was looking over the situation, reviewing my notes, and discussing various issues (Libya, dialogue process, Eid, etc.) with local contacts…and I have to say that things are getting interesting. Here’s whatContinue reading “TS Update-(Regional Awareness Oct. 13-17th)”

TS Update-(Next 3 weeks…Video+Checklist)

Greetings Expats, Check out my brief video presentation in which I share some information about the next 3 weeks ahead.  Also feel free to download your Expat Personal Security Checklist. While many are optimistic about the situation in Tunisia… let’s continue to share information, network, and remain proactive.   EXPAT SECURITY READINESS-Checklist    

Tunisia Security Update-(3 Weeks Ahead)

Greetings Expats, While everyone is celebrating the so called “breakthrough“, I would just like to point out that the situation is far from being resolved.  In fact, the political/economical/social situation in Tunisia is perhaps more fragile than ever. Here’s what I am saying:  It’s great that the political stalemate appears to have come to anContinue reading “Tunisia Security Update-(3 Weeks Ahead)”

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