List of Countries Americans can STILL travel to this summer…

Key Points: Only a handful of countries are still welcoming US Citizens. All of the countries OPEN to US Citizens have certain restrictions. One country that CNN mistakenly put on it’s “Open to US Citizens” list. Travel prediction: When this 1 thing happens countries will welcome US Citizens with open arms. It’s hard to believeContinue reading “List of Countries Americans can STILL travel to this summer…”

TS Update-(Avenue Habib Bourguiba)

In the last year or so…we’ve witnessed a wide variety of protests.  From municipality workers to university students, the unemployed to police officers, secularist and Islamists…the range of demonstrations have been extensive & colorful. On Monday, April 9th, a protest for the right to protest took place in downtown Tunis and unfortunately the event lookedContinue reading “TS Update-(Avenue Habib Bourguiba)”