TS Update-(Martyrs’ Day + Safety & Security)

Greetings Expats,

During the last few months we’ve seen a barrage of positive news regarding Tunisia.  The media-hype is backed up by a real measurable difference in terms of security improvements on the ground.  Still, security analysts remain cautious because a. Tunisia is going through a major transition and b. the deteriorating situation in Libya.

The U.S. Embassy recently updated their Safety & Security section regarding Tunisia. Here are the 3 points that caught my attention:

  1. While the Tunisian government has renewed its commitment and effectiveness in addressing security concerns over the past year, challenges remain.
  2. The ability of Tunisian Ministry of Interior forces to control civil unrest and demonstrations since a 2012 attack on U.S. Embassy Tunis and the nearby American Cooperative School of Tunis has improved.
  3. Terrorism also remains an increasingly significant concern.  Tunisian nationals have been involved in international terrorism and international terrorist organizations have on multiple occasions called for attacks in North Africa, including Tunisia.

Expat Awareness

The embassy does a good job of providing readers with practical security advise.  Being aware of our surroundings, staying informed, and avoiding areas where demonstrations take place are all easy yet effective things that we can do to strengthen our security setup.

Wednesday, April 9th is Martyrs’ day, a day in which Tunisians mark the massacre of the country’s nationalists by French troops in 1938.  Last year, we witnessed many demonstrations so it’s important that we remain security conscious as we make our plans to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re being spoiled with these days.

Let’s stay in touch and continue to share practical & relevant information.


Disclaimer:  Please note that this post is for informational use only and not affiliated with the U.S. embassy in Tunis.  

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Regional Security Update-Libya-Tunisia border post re-opens after weeks of tension

Date: April 07, 2014

Source:  The Daily Star

Brief:  ZARZIS, Tunisia: The main border crossing between Libya and Tunisia, a gateway for contraband Libyan petrol whose closure nearly a month ago fuelled tensions in southern Tunisia, reopened on Monday. –Read more


TS Update-(Spring Forecast)

Greetings Expats,

Recently Stratford published a very informative article entitled “Tunisia After the Arab Spring”.  The article contains several key assessments which gives us a good idea about the challenges that Tunisia may experience.

Here are the points that I highlighted while reading the article:  

  • Militant activity & public unrest will remain the biggest challenges to Tunisia’s upcoming permanent government (national elections expected before 2015).
  • 3 plus years without a permanent government + slow economic progress means we are likely to see more protests, unrest, and clashes with police.
  • Overall the risk of social unrest should remain manageable.
  • (Wildcard):  Libya’s continuing destabilization will affect Tunisia security
  • Cooperation with the United States & Algeria will work to counter the developing situation in Libya.
  • However, the occasional militant attack whether attempted or successful will become part of Tunisia’s post Arab Spring reality.

Informed & Engaged

Overall it seems like Tunisia is moving in a positive direction but there are many challenges ahead.  As expats our best friends remain information & community.  Let’s continue to network & share information.



TS Update-(Spring Security)

Greetings Expats,

Spring is in the air and Tunisia’s beauty is beginning to bloom.  Time to travel (smartly) and explore (safely).

Travel Advise

Expect additional checkpoints throughout the country especially if you’re traveling through the interior parts or south.  Most embassies continue to advise their nationals to avoid areas south of and including the towns of Nefta, Douz, Medenine and Zarzis, however we know that many tourist/expats are going to places like Douz and having a great time.

The key to having a safe & enjoyable time is to pre-plan & activate your security mind while exploring.

Explore with Confidence 

We will continue to see more operations such as the one that took place on Monday (17/3), where Tunisian security forces raided a house in northwest Jendouba.  It is important to remain aware of these incidents to make rapid & practical travel adjustments.

Tunisia is making great efforts to revive their tourism sector.  The ongoing stability and security improvements are definitely helping them get back to becoming the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Let’s keep sharing information and feel free to follow us on our Facebook Page or Twitter for daily updates.

TS Update-(Carrefour Strike)

Greetings Expats,

FYI- Carrefour personnel are observing a 3-day strike starting today. Several police forces are deployed on the scene as the situation may escalate mainly by opportunists living in the surrounding areas.  Our security network is recommending that people avoid Carrefour during the weekend as a simple precautionary measure.
These strikes highlight the importance of sharing information as we are seeing more and more of them each time with short advance notice.
Feel free to share any updates and we would love to hear how you avoid Carrefour as an Expat.  Where do you shop?  Let’s share our tips with Expats who think that Carrefour is the only shopping alternative in Tunis.
Have a nice weekend.

TS Update-(Fuel Strike Update)

Good news is that many stations are working, but we could see this again in the near future so remember to keep your vehicles at good fuel levels. 
As of right now the following stations  are fully operational:  
Hedi Laâbidi, Rue de Carthage, Mohamed 5, Olympic City, the southern entrance to the capital, the Berges du Lac, Z4, Mornag Boumhel, Sidi Bou Said, Hammam Lif, Yasminat, Ennasr, Sidi Amor Boukhtiwa and Ariana.
Feel free to share your tips on getting fuel…
Let’s keep sharing information.


TS Update-( Le Kram + Security Notes)

Greetings Expats,

I wanted to share some updates regarding the developing situation in Le Kram and other notes to consider as the weather gets better.

Situation in Le Kram 

During the month of March we will continue to see a heavy security presence in the city of Le Kram.  We may also see similar situations unfolding in other neighborhoods with salafists supporters.  That being the case, we will continue to see more vehicle checks & additional security in and around the Le Kram area to include La Marsa, Carthage, Sidi Daoud, and Lac.

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 1.27.00 PM
Le Kram- Attention on Ave. Mohamed 5

Travel Awareness-Avoiding hot spots 

As you make your road trip plans:  Keep in mind the neighborhoods in which salafists activities are likely: Ettadhamen, Intilaka, Jebel Lahmar, Ouradia, Raoued, Borj Chekir, and Le Kram.

Security Article Week:  “Arab Spring will fail unless Tunisia transition succeeds by John Irish on Reuters… READ ARTICLE

Security Radar- What’s next?  

It can be said that during the past 2 months, Tunisia Security Forces have been on the offensive and actively pursing militant cells throughout the country.  During the coming months this trend is likely to increase.

Additionally, during the last few days, unemployed protesters have clashed with Tunisian security forces in the central Gafsa region.  While it is true that this city is 350K south of Tunis, mass protests over the economy is something to monitor.

Driving in Tunisia-Safety First 

I’ve said it many times:  Driving remains your number one safety risk in Tunisia.  Check out this video and watch how a large size bus in Bizerte comes down the street without a driver!  As expats we see amazing things everyday on the roads in Tunis so remember to drive safely.


Click to see
Click to see


That’s it for now…remember Situational Awareness First & let’s stay connected.  

TS Update-(2 0 1 4 Setup)

Greetings Expats,

I hope everyone had a restful & enjoyable Winter Break. In 2013 we certainly experienced our fair share of challenges and 2014 is projected to be an even more eventful year for Tunisia.

While we are witnessing major progress on the political front, the socio-economic issues coupled with a myriad of other challenges were enough to rank Tunisia among high-risk countries in terms of social unrest in 2014 according to the “Economic Intelligence Unit“.  

Expat Awareness 

It’s hard to believe that we are about to mark the third anniversary of the Tunisian revolution. Events and demonstrations are scheduled to take place throughout the country.  The same guidelines of avoiding protests, staying informed, and applying good situational awareness are the best way to operate during this significant date.

Expat 2014 Setup

In 2013 we were able to safely live, explore, and thrive in Tunisia. This year we can do the same as long as we have a solid: 

Awareness-Information-Community Setup

With the right awareness, information, and community setup we will be able to not only deal with the challenges but also enjoy the many wonderful things we love about this beautiful country.

Here’s to a safe & successful 2014.

TS Update-January 14 handover

TUNIS: Tunisia’s ruling Islamists and opposition parties agreed on Monday to finish their handover to a caretaker government by Jan. 14, the third anniversary of the fall of autocratic leader Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.
Read more:

TS Update-(Progress + Challenges)

Greetings Expats,

Great week on my side of town.  Received consistent support from security colleagues, beautiful weather, and attended many nice expat events. I even had the opportunity to see Santa in Tunis.

Santa in Tunis
Santa in Tunis

Announcement=Challenging Weeks Ahead

Update: “Tunisia’s political parties have chosen Industry Minister Mehdi Jomaa to head a government of independent figures aimed at pulling the country out of a months-long crisis.”

The challenge:”The new premier has 15 days to form his new government of independents.”  During this period we can expect a mix of protests & increased security presence.

Expats Focus 

Even before the announcement, Tunisian officials reported that they would increase security in response to general threats.  On Tuesday, December 17th, organizers plan on holding a “peaceful day of range” in Sidi Bouzid.

Social media sites and local online publications will go into overdrive with rumors, theories, and predictions.  It’s important that we continue to share confirmed & relevant information especially during the next 2 weeks.

Seasons Greetings & Stay Safe.