Tunisia Security November Update

Looking forward to presenting new creative and hopefully useful  information to our community. The video below is a brief  presentation that attempts to put a lot of current events into perspective. Please keep the feedback coming and let’s keep the conversation going…

Post Election Update-(Transistion)

    tran·si·tion The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. The word transition has to be one of the most used words  in today’s media.  From the economy to politics, the one word that best describes the period we’re going through is transition.  As the world congratulated Tunisia forContinue reading “Post Election Update-(Transistion)”

Election Update 7-(Big Tuesday)

Congratulations to the Tunisian people for their successful election day!  It seemed like all the pieces fell into place, the weather was great, the people were motivated, and the system worked. On another note, now is not the time to just sit back and put away our security textbooks.   As previously discussed, security professionals predictedContinue reading “Election Update 7-(Big Tuesday)”

Election Update 5-(Calm Friday…Important Info)

It was a calm and rather beautiful Friday.  A member of our security team informed us that the theme of today’s prayers was about the importance of good deeds and preparations for Eid Al Adha (Muslim holiday), which will run from November 6th to the 7th. On another note… According to an Australian government website:Continue reading “Election Update 5-(Calm Friday…Important Info)”

October 23rd-Ready or not…

The countdown is on and there’s no turning back.  Ready or not, on October 23rd, the  Tunisian Constituent Assembly election will take place.  The pulse on the ground indicates that the Tunisian people, political parties, and government want this election to take place.  They all have a vested interested in its success and are lookingContinue reading “October 23rd-Ready or not…”

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