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Greetings Expats, Feel free to download any of the documents below: General Information (PDFs) EXPAT Information (fire prevention safety checklist) Expat Security Awareness Sheet (general security info) EXPAT SECURITY READINESS-Checklist (proactive security) Expat Useful Numbers-Print Out (handy numbers to have)

TS Update-(Aware of the Shift)

Greetings Expats, Busy weekend on the security side of things, but also this weekend was a good snapshot of the situation in Tunisia.   On one hand we had great weather and many positive venues to enjoy…but a simple google news search provides more than enough stories to be concerned about.   A Shift As informedContinue reading “TS Update-(Aware of the Shift)”

TS Update-(May 9th Update)

Greetings Expats, Interesting times here in Tunisia.  As a security coordinator I get my information from 4 primary channels.   Open sources:  Publicly available information such media, web-based communities, public data, etc.  Professional Network:  I am fortunate to network with many expat security professionals and local security contacts.   Commercial security updates:  Companies that provide more comprehensive & in-depth analysis.Continue reading “TS Update-(May 9th Update)”

TS Update-(Sejnane Advisory)

Before I share some analysis concerning the alarming incidents that took place in Sejnane (Bizerte, Tunisia), I would like to thank all the motivating Tunisia Security Updaters out there who keep sending me solid & relevant information. It’s one thing to read a story online, but to actually receive eye-witness accounts is so much moreContinue reading “TS Update-(Sejnane Advisory)”

TS Update-(Djerba Advisory)

It’s interesting to see that Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) has “increased its travel warning to Tunisia following reports of possible attacks on Israeli or Jewish targets in the country.”  According to their Anti-terrorism Bureau their major concern is on the island of Djerba and the upcoming pilgrimage that will be taking place there thisContinue reading “TS Update-(Djerba Advisory)”

TS Update-(Risky Times)

Recently, I became inspired to write an article on Risk Management while reading an article on the online version of the Washington Post.  As someone in the security industry, Risk Management is a field that I find particularity fascinating.  I know what you are thinking…risk management? fascinating?  really? The reason why risk management seems boringContinue reading “TS Update-(Risky Times)”

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