TS Update-(Ramadan Awareness)

Expats living in Muslim countries “know the deal”…We know that during the month of Ramadan things change. We know that whether we like it or not we have to adjust our daily activities.  Ramadan offers us a great opportunity to both feel the experience of living abroad and evaluate our daily flow. From a securityContinue reading “TS Update-(Ramadan Awareness)”

TS Update-(After the Art Show)

Looking forward to taking this blog to another level by providing Expats with a brief & practical audio update. Click on the link below to listen to the Tunisia Security Update Podcast or watch the video version on Youtube.. either way feel free to share some feedback and let’s keep the good information flowing. TunisiaContinue reading “TS Update-(After the Art Show)”

TS Update-(Good Training)

Good job on all the Expats out there who pulled together and made the necessary adjustments to continue their normal colorful lives while at the same time acknowledging the serious security situation we have before us.  Although the  grand Friday did not materialized, at least we were able to benefit from the experience of goingContinue reading “TS Update-(Good Training)”

TS Update-(June 15 Progress)

Lots of positive developments have taken place that may lead to a better than expected Friday.  The key decision on the part of the Tunisian government to expressively ban marches that were scheduled to take place today is a big positive step forward in terms of minimizing any risk of possible violence throughout the country.Continue reading “TS Update-(June 15 Progress)”

TS Update-(Expat Awareness-Artwork Retaliation)

As reported by various sources,  there was a major security challenge throughout Tunis on the night of Monday, June 11, 2012.  I received several emails and SMS regarding gun fire and vandalism taking place near Expat neighborhoods.  It seems like there was a coordinated offensive on the part of the salafists in retaliation to a recent controversial art exhibition andContinue reading “TS Update-(Expat Awareness-Artwork Retaliation)”

TS Update-(Summer Prep 2012)

As a security coordinator my drive is to empower Expats with practical and relative security information.  In order to accomplish this I have to make sure that the information I put out is reliable and leans towards the side of caution.The stage was set for things to go wrong on Saturday’s protest and although aContinue reading “TS Update-(Summer Prep 2012)”

TS Update-(Salafists Awareness)

I’ve been hearing a lot nervous chatter about the “salafists” so I wanted to post something to Empower Expats.  The crime triangle teaches us that in order for a crime to take place, three factors have to get into perfect alignment:  Desire on the part of the criminal, Ability of the criminal, and the OpportunityContinue reading “TS Update-(Salafists Awareness)”

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