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What is Security Content Marketing?

Traditional B2B marketing is focused on delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time. But in our fast-paced world, traditional marketing can’t keep up with the digital transformation that’s taking place in the physical security industry.

Enter @DavidSecurity

@DavidSecurity is a specialized content marketing agency founded by David Santiago, a military veteran and physical security professional dedicated to empowering security leaders and service providers with actionable content marketing deliverables and insights.

Why security content marketing?

If you’re a security thought leader or service provider, you may wonder why you should prioritize content marketing. Two words. Proven and measurable. The numbers speak for themselves:

Businesses with engaging blogs get 67% more leads than other companies. (Demand Meteric)

70% of people rather get information from blogs than traditional advertisements (CMI)

80% of decision-makers want articles, not ads from potential partners (Hubspot)

Do You Need Authentic and Actionable Security Copy That Persuades Security Decision Makers to Take Action?

If you’re a B2B security integrator or security thought leader you probably found this site because you’re under pressure to:

  • Attract high-quality leads and turn them into clients.
  • Increase your ROI from your content and digital marketing.
  • Boost your conversion rates.
  • Enhance your profile as a security thought leader.

Suppose your marketing team is stretched or you don’t have the time to write authentic and engaging security content. In that case, you need to connect with @DavidSecurity, a seasoned security professional and digital strategist ready to help you accomplish your mission!

Authentic and Actionable Security Content

Need help creating authentic and actionable security content? Learn how @DavidSecurity can help your organization!

@DavidSecurity can help your organization with:
  • Security Research.
  • Security SEO Content.
  • Security Presentations.
Proactive Security

Empowering organizations, with actionable security information.

Actionable Information

 Actionable Information is meaningful data that is useful to making a decision or solving a problem. 

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