France looks to work with Tunisia on returning extremists

November 9, 2020 Article Highlights: Tunisian nationals constitute a significant portion of foreign jihadists in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Tunisia is willing on certain conditions to take back its nationals expelled from France. Public opinion in Tunisia is hostile towards the return of suspected jihadists. Little Tunisia has a BIG jihadist problem In 2015, theContinue reading “France looks to work with Tunisia on returning extremists”

Tunisia: Over 400,000 tourism jobs eliminated after Pandemic Shutdown

Highlights: Tourism revenue has declined 61 per cent in Tunisia as a result of coronavirus, the Central Bank of Tunisia reported on Friday. tourism industry in the country, which includes more than 1,300 travel agencies and provides 20,000 direct and indirect jobs. 28 per cent of the sector’s workforce were sacked following the imposition ofContinue reading “Tunisia: Over 400,000 tourism jobs eliminated after Pandemic Shutdown”

How Tunisia went from Pandemic Success to Regional Curfews…

Article Highlights: Tunisia chooses regional curfews instead of a country wide shutdown. Tunisia’s Prime Minister on Monday ordered a curfew starting from Tuesday in all regions of the country. Coronavirus cases are surging in Tunisia, which had managed to contain the virus earlier in the year. Tunisia Pandemic Success Wednesday, October 21, 2020 On Monday,Continue reading “How Tunisia went from Pandemic Success to Regional Curfews…”

Tunisian town included in “10 most dangerous tourist attractions” in Africa!??

Small town in friendly Tunisia made the “10 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions” in Africa list?? Let’s talk SECURITY!  @DavidSecurity here once again keeping you up to date on the latest Travel Security Updates on everything from travel warnings to personal security awareness.  I recently came across an article with the catchy headline Top 10 mostContinue reading “Tunisian town included in “10 most dangerous tourist attractions” in Africa!??”

Did Tunisia reopen too soon?

Key Points:-Tunisia declared VICTORY over the pandemic on June 15th. -Since then Tunisia recorded 983 COVID-19 cases, 424 out of them imported and 559 locally transmitted. On June 15th 2020 Tunisia’s prime minster held a press conference to declare victory over the pandemic. The former prime minster stated that his country had achieved a victoryContinue reading “Did Tunisia reopen too soon?”

Can Brits travel to Tunisia?

Summary VIDEO: Can UK residents Travel to Tunisia? Can UK residents travel to Tunisia? According to the Foreign Office, all but essential travel is advised for the entire country, excluding a number of regions where all travel is banned. The border with Libya is advised against, along with the Chaambi Mountains National Park. Holiday hotspotsContinue reading “Can Brits travel to Tunisia?”

Tunisian Security forces capture ‘terror’ cell planning attacks

Article Key Points: 5-member cell was planning attacks against security headquarters and patrols The threat remains focused on state targets. No travel alerts were issued by the USA & UK regarding this incident. Tunisia security forces arrested a terrorist cell planning to carry out attacks in the country, according to the Interior Ministry on Wednesday.Continue reading “Tunisian Security forces capture ‘terror’ cell planning attacks”

Traveling to Tunisia from the UK in 2020

Posted on July 8, 2020 Edited & Updated on July 9, 2020 Important UPDATE: During the evening of July 8, 2020 the Tunisian authorities changed the UK status from Orange to Green. Since Tunisia officially reopened its borders on June 27, 2020 I’ve received so many questions from my followers at the Tunisia Security Update.Continue reading “Traveling to Tunisia from the UK in 2020”

COVID-19 IMPACT: Major Damage to Tunisian Economy

Tunisia Security Update Your #1 Source for Travel & Security News IMPACTING Tunisia. Article Analysis: “Coronavirus may cause 400,000 travel-related job losses in Tunisia”-Published date: 15 April 2020  3-Quick Key INSIGHTS: Estimates project Tunisian economy will lose $1.4bn tourism revenue. Tunisia has recorded a total of 747 cases of the virus and 34. To mitigate theContinue reading “COVID-19 IMPACT: Major Damage to Tunisian Economy”

Tunisia gets READY to elect new President

Quick Summary: The presidential run-off election to take place on Sunday, October 13th is between Nabil Karoui, a perceived liberal and populist media mogul who was released from jail four days before the election and Kais Saïed, a perceived conservative who is a professor specialised in constitutional law. Most did not see either candidate coming.Continue reading “Tunisia gets READY to elect new President”