Tunisia ATM security

During the Tunisian revolution it was obvious that ATMs were targeted by various groups rangaging from low end criminals to more organized and professionals ones.  On the part of the perpetrator the logic is simple:  ATM=Easy Cash.  In fact, according to one European based study , ATM crimes have risen by over 149%.  The EuropeanContinue reading “Tunisia ATM security”

Perseverance…a recepie for success

Similar to restaurants, in the security world you are only as good as your last “meal”.  The challenging part is that when security operations are running smoothly nobody even notices the effort, commitment, and dedication of the security team.  In fact, it is during these times that someone may comment “why do we even needContinue reading “Perseverance…a recepie for success”

Security Professional Excellence

In need of a makeover As a security coordinator living and working in Tunisia, it didn’t take long for me to realize that security guards are not held in a positive light.  Tunisians view security  as a low paying and demoralizing job.  Tunisians are certainly not the only ones who have a bad image ofContinue reading “Security Professional Excellence”

On Post in Tunis…

It has been noted that “The fate of the Tunisian revolution is, so far, still hanging in the balance. Will it result in more far reaching political change? Will the momentum of the considerable working class opposition to the old dictator, including the General Strike, which was crucial in breaking his Presidency, carry the revolutionContinue reading “On Post in Tunis…”

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