3 Valuable Lessons for Security Professionals in 2021

2020 will go down as one of the most disruptive years of all time. For security professionals, 2020 was filled with many challenges. It also gave us valuable lessons that we can use moving forward. Here are some of the major lessons we learned in 2020 and how we can use them to thrive inContinue reading “3 Valuable Lessons for Security Professionals in 2021”

2 Reasons Why Every Security Manager Needs Tactical Security Reports

@DavidSecurity here and I have one question for you: “Is your security reactive or proactive?” If you’re like me then you would definitely say PROACTIVE, but let me explain to you why that attitude may actually be working against you. My Quick Proactive Story… As a United States Marine I was trained to take initiativeContinue reading “2 Reasons Why Every Security Manager Needs Tactical Security Reports”

Hilton signs deal for resort in Tunisia

Article Highlights: Global hotel operator Hilton has announced plans to open a 332-key beachfront resort in Monastir in Tunisia.  The agreement with Societe Marhaba Beach is slated to open in two years. Investment may signal as a vote of confidence in Tunisian Security Forces. Want to receive the latest Security UPDATES on Tunisia? Then SUBSCRIBE.Continue reading “Hilton signs deal for resort in Tunisia”

Ten Years later, Social Media Still Matters in Tunisia

Was Social Media responsible for the Arab Spring? Did a single YouTube Video spark the Jasmine Revolution? And what is the state of social media in Tunisia today? LET’S TALK SECURITY! Article Highlights: Social Media’s IMPACT on the Arab Spring.  Social Media’s Role in the Jasmine Revolution (Tunisia). State of Social Media in Tunisia (2020).Continue reading “Ten Years later, Social Media Still Matters in Tunisia”

Tunisia sees rise of “Criminal Violence”

Tunisia: According to the September report of @FT_DES released on Wednesday, October 28th: “Criminal violence topped the list of forms of violence over the past three months, with a rate of 75.6%, followed by institutional violence, violence in public spaces and then economic violence.” Tunisia is ranked significantly lower than the UK, France and GermanyContinue reading “Tunisia sees rise of “Criminal Violence””

@DavidSecurity-Security Awareness

Greetings, my name is David A. Santiago also known as @DavidSecurity and for over 15 years I’ve helped hundreds of organizations, expats, and travelers understand Security Awareness Program: A full spectrum Security Awareness Program covers pre-travel training, arrival safety briefing, and ongoing safety/security training for: Business Travelers Expat staff and their families Security conscious travelersContinue reading “@DavidSecurity-Security Awareness”

Security Risk Management

Greetings, my name is David A. Santiago also known as @DavidSecurity and for over 15 years I’ve been assisting organizations operating in HIGH threat environments. Security without Risk Management is wishful thinking! My GOAL is to provide organizations with practical and actionable information so that they can operate safely in a cost effective manner. SecurityContinue reading “Security Risk Management”

Monday Security Briefing-August 17, 2020

All the information you need to be SECURITY READY for the week! Top Security News in the United States–Riot declared in Portland as protest turns violent… Read full article Top International Security News–Thousands on streets of Belarus demand resignation of President Lukashenko. More INFO Travel Security–TSA: July air travel down 75% from 2019, but gunContinue reading “Monday Security Briefing-August 17, 2020”

Are protests in Michigan and Texas just the beginning?

With the growing economic challenges in the US, civil unrest is becoming a real threat… UPDATE: Coronavirus lockdowns across the US have fueled record unemployment and deep economic uncertainty.-Business Insider-April 28, 2020 Key INSIGHT: With a growing number of people frustrated by the mandated lockdown coupled with high unemployment numbers; the US could reach aContinue reading “Are protests in Michigan and Texas just the beginning?”

Tunisia RE-OPENS …May the 4th be with them!

Tunisia Security Update Your #1 Source for Travel & Security News IMPACTING Tunisia. UPDATE: Tunisia on Monday relaxed lockdown measures with an initial phase of gradual reopening for the vital sectors of the economy, society and exports. Source: AAWSAT, May 4th 2020 Key Article INSIGHT: Tunisian officials reported that it had recorded four new COVID-19 infections inContinue reading “Tunisia RE-OPENS …May the 4th be with them!”

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