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@DavidSecurity is a Certified Security Professional and veteran US Marine specializing in security research, writing and coordination.

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@DavidSecurity from Marine to Writer

Here’s my quick security story. I joined the US Marines a few months after graduating from high school in Queens, New York. Upon completing basic training I was fortunate to be accepted into the elite Marine Security Guard Program in MCB Quantico, Virginia. After completing my training I was off to my first embassy post in Tunis, Tunisia. There I developed my passion for security, writing, and leadership. The rest is history!

From US Marine to full-time security researcher, writer, and coordinator.

@DavidSecurity Content Writer

What makes me different from other security content writers is my ability to combine 15 years of security experience (military, hospitality, corporate), and connect with my subject to produce actionable copy.

Over the years I have written authentic security copy for security integration companies and private clients in the hospitality, education, and manufacturing sectors. Here is a brief sample of my work:

Security ManagementWhat are Physical Protection Systems?
B2B Security 7 Best Commercial Door Entry Systems in 2021
Physical Security5 Steps to Develop Effective Physical Security Measures
Travel Security 5-Minute Travel Security Brief for Tunisia
Cybersecurity3 Tips To Reduce Your Ransomware Risk

Working with @DavidSecurity

“David is an excellent communicator, hard worker, and valued colleague. Outstanding at managing security personal and system and always interacts positively with his colleagues, parents, and children. A superstar!”

Rick Park -Technology Integrator

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Chamunorwa Benjamin Chidyamoto CPP

“David chaired the OSAC Chapter in Tunisia during that country’s most delicate security posture; he pulled all the local and international security professionals together for regular information-sharing meetings.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Nora Sanders- Owner of SecuritySCW

“David is a constant professional. We were fortunate to have him work on this project. His security background and excellent writing skills makes him a unique writer in the Travel Security content space. We’re looking forward to working with him on future projects!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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