TS Update-(Next days ahead…vig·i·lance)

Greetings EXPATS,

Having just gone through a miniature media roller coaster, I would just like to remind everyone that this is an independent blog written by a freelance security coordinator who enjoys providing expatriates in Tunisia with practical & relevant security updates.

No crystal ball, no “inside information”, no “special connections”…just a passion for security & good networking…

OK got that out of the way and now for the update.

New Year…Same Challenges

The Islamic New Year is upon us and this evening (Sunday, Nov. 3) we’ll know whether it will be on November 4th or 5th. Regardless, the combination of the holiday along with the ongoing political tension is enough for us to advise extra vigilance during these next 3 days.

Once again extra vigilance is simply a matter of:  a. reviewing your personal security setup b. staying informed and c. applying situational awareness.

Let’s continue to share information and remain connected during this challenging time in Tunis.



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