TS Update-(September 14-ur·gen·cy)

Fellow Expat I hope you are all safe and doing well in the safety of your homes.  As the person responsible for security at the American School I can not begin to tell you how I feel.  Still, life goes on and we must learn from these experiences.

In my opinion Tunisia will never be the same again.  Tunisia has lost in so many ways.

Expats the time for urgency is now!  By urgency I don’t mean panic instead now is the time to put your personal security on top of your to do list. I want to be absolutely clear:  YOU CAN NOT TRUST THE TUNISIAN SECURITY FORCES.

Your safety is dependent on your actions.  Your friends, co-workers, neighborhood, etc.. they are the ones that you have to make sure you can rely on.  Most importantly you are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

I am really not in the state to continue writing but I will have lots more to share in the coming days.  For now take the time to evaluate your security.

Take some time to:

  • Make sure your communication is 100% functional.  Contact numbers etc.
  • Refresh your emergency setup.  Make sure you are setup for possible curfews etc.
  • Look over your travel documents.

The government could easily step up their efforts and things could be fine, but we have to plan for a challenging time ahead.


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  1. Just want to say how much my family and I appreciate your posts. We live in L’Aouina and saw the black smoke start rising this afternoon. We have never been inside the American School, but it gave us a sick feeling in our stomachs to hear of it being burned and looted.

    There is an eerie sense of calm right now in our area. Weird to see kids playing and people walking around with baguettes — like nothing destructive is happening on the other side of town.

    We knew it was coming but never guessed it would be this extreme.

    Your posts over the past month or two that I’ve gotten them have caused us to really consider our situation and be more aware of our surroundings. Nice to know what to do in case of an emergency. 🙂


  2. I am really sorry , I can’t find my words to identify my feelings about some Tunisian’s behaviour and about the Tunisian’s government too, I am simply VERY SAD !!! I am really shame towards my sons first of all, towards all the American people, towards all the other nations!! I am Bourguiba’s daughter, Bourguiba is the smart person who taught all the Tunisian people the right values respect, confidence, honesty, perseverance, hardly work …I am unable today to believe what is happen in Tunisia, and what is happen to some Tunisian people !!! My sons are today in the ACST because my father consider that the important investment in the life is to teach the child. So he payed the fees of my sons’ schooling in the ACST and if I feel embarrassed because I don’t have such money to do it alone with my husband, he told us “my dream was to taught you and your sister in such school, but I couldn’t !!! please let me realize my dream, let me be proud of them, and let me see them as an important men!” My son Maher was so sad today about what happened to the school, he said to me in French, ”They are really stupid, all this for a film!”, my second son Omar thinks deeply and said “ I dream to live in a peace world”!!! I try by these simple lines , and by my simple English to represent my feeling to all the Americans people, I told to you all : Ambassador, all the persons who work in the Embassy, all the persons who work in the ACST, to all the parents , to all the child …. we are sorry!!! we feel sad!!! Anissa MANSOUR DIMASSI

    Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 22:47:50 +0000 To: anissam2011@live.fr

  3. David, How much of the school was damaged? The Washington Post said in its article this morning that the school was ‘mostly destroyed’.


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  4. God bless you, David for all you have done for my friends, colleagues and students in the past 24 hours. Ever since I read about the attack on the US ambassador to Libya, I was dreading Friday – hoping for the best, but fearing the worst. Sadly, we know which you got. It is sickening to watch from here, and to see how quickly people’s lives can be changed forever. Your words about Tunisian security forces made my blood run cold, but it had to be said.

    Please, David, find a way to do your work without being a hero. Remember, family first, not job.

    Thank you.


    *Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.- Denis Waitley *

  5. i think that as 90% of tunisian, i am in shock to what we have seen last friday… i can not beging to say how ashamed i feel…

    the way our governement reacts in face of violent salafis has been very worrysom for many month now… I just hope that today, they went to far. I will never forgive what they did to my country,
    god bless all people of good intentions


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